1. Be likable
  2. Become the expert
  3. Write the bad code
  4. Build it first
  5. Dig in deep
  6. Fight it!
  7. 3 levels of indentation
  8. Be obsessed with it
  9. Personal greatness
  10. Write great code
  11. When to refactor code?
  12. How to improve at building software?
  13. Code fearlessly
  14. Are you a different animal?
  15. Good developers already know their code is bad
  16. How does it feel to be wrong?
  17. Find the straight line first
  18. Don't chase quality
  19. Under-abstract to begin with
  20. How focused can you get?
  21. useState: Lazy Initial State
  22. CNAME Record vs A Record
  23. Effortless refactor with De Morgan's Laws
  24. Facade pattern, currying, and closures
  25. How to hide your front-end API keys
  26. CSS Grid IS a grid framework