Around 2008 I discovered programming while working with Microsoft Excel. I wrote my first lines of code using VBA and that was it, I was hooked. I bought books, watched videos, jumped into Microsoft Access and became fascinated by databases. Writing VBA powered apps became my number one hobby.

By 2012 I began tinkering around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I bought more books, watched more videos, and spent my evenings and weekends playing around with everything web related.

Then I learned WordPress and PHP and built websites for everyone around me as a side gig. I wrote custom templates and silly plugins. Built some toy projects using CodeIgniter, just for fun, did online CS courses, learned Python, and played around with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

In 2019 I was able to take a year off to fully commit to learning in-depth web development and focused on mastering JavaScript. I plunged deep into TypeScript, React, and Nodejs, and have skyrocketed as a professional web developer ever since.